Fabulous Pictures


I am never wrong when I see a dance photo and can say - “this is a pictureshot by Henning Sjøstrøm.”.


To be a dance photographer is not the easiest thing in the world, but that is precisely what the Dane Henning Sjøstrøm has chosen. Never a day without pictures.


Question where he gets the inspiration; just look at all the beautiful things around you and add the nature on top of it. He can use the stage in the theatres with all their beautiful pride, not to forget the classical/modern ballets, or he takes a tour with the dancers to the parks.. You never know what will happen.


Henning Sjøstrøm pictures have a touch of something undefinable. I have studied many Sjøstrøm pictures, and every time do I get the feeling of a special mood and light. Sjøstrøm has the speciality, to use whatever light he is given. In or out. When you see the result, it is hard to get, the light can “split”, so you focus on the dancers costumes and moves.When they are dancing on full stage, with the light design, Sjøstrøm is capable of catching it, in HIS best way. If you can imagine the light only shows front and some places in the back, and you do not notice the center.  This, because the photographer “directs” your attention, as I`ve never seen before.


If you have the pleasure to study pictures, you will find many failures, missing objects, depending on the photographer. To photograph a grand jeté (split) will look very different if you can see the floor, than not see it. The feeling of infinite jump high, will be there without floor in the picture. The feeling of actual hight, will be easier to feel with the floor, as the ground.


It is not much difference, but the total picture shows. Henning Sjøstrøms way of work, gives you always a ground, so you can see the dancers down to the toes. How many dancers in a picture? The limit that suits the photographer.  Sometimes when we see some new works, they can seem a little “messy”. We think. With much more dancers than we thought .The point is that, the dancers to focus on, is in the back, and a few in front. Off course never forget his splendid way of using light. So the picture appears fantastic.


Henning Sjøstrøm pictures has a delicacy, and can appear very fragile, but still be true to the dancers. Sjøstrøm has a solid ground in his motives and don´t ever compromise. You can be true that he is a classic gentleman.


What more do we want, than to fly away with a smile after seeing , Henning Sjøstrøms beautiful pictures?


Annette Gaarden

M.A. et Scient, BA.H. Choreographer