Can dancers really be this beautiful?


Yes, they can. At least the dancers in the photos by Danish photographer Henning Sjøstrøm. In his glamorous pictures the dancers are breathtakingly beautiful. They are posing with their full body volume, leaving a heavy impact on the spectator, however fragile they might seem as they are showing off their delicate skin and their perfect muscle toning.


The Sjøstrøm dancers are enjoying the shots. They seem to let his camera embrace their bodies, expressing their pride with a smile. They are like Greek statues. They have an aesthetic authority in their poses that shines through whatever environment that Sjøstrøm has chosen for them. A stage, a sidewalk, a staircase or a castle or even an ocean … Sjøstrøm places his dancers exactly where they suit his ambitions of beauty the very best. His photos grasp the dancers in the most stunning luxury setting of both female wellness and masculine energy. With admiration.


Sjøstrøm doesn’t disturb the dancers. He doesn’t reveal their secrets. He doesn’t event try to. No paparazzi is hidden in this Danish gentleman of classic virtues. Obviously, the dancers love Sjøstrøm and his discretion. They eagerly invite him into their world, letting his camera see glimpses of their dreams through their exquisite bodies.


For this collection, Sjøstrøm has picked out some of his favourite dancers. He has mixed classical and modern dancers alike in this extremely personal and unlimited exhibition of the joy of dancing - and of the pride of the dancer.


Usually, it is only advertising photographers and their mostly anonymous models who work this deliberately with idealized body beauty. Sjøstrøm’s photos show a much deeper body beauty by portraying dancers who with their body wisdom and artistic personalities convey a charisma much more complex and interesting than clean models.


Sjøstrøm’s dance photos can be seen as an invitation to the spectator to join the world of human longing.


That’s what makes the difference: The desire for beauty.



Anne Middelboe Christensen, M.A.

Dance writer and critic at Dagbladet Information